Past Projects

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Kolozsvár, Romania


Visually Impaired school


Supply of 16 special table computers with special keyboards to write Braille plus 1 special Braille printer

Kolozsvár, Romania



Cardiology and Orthopedics Department



kotor, montenegro



Intensive care units.

Riga, Estonia



Neonatal Intensive Care unit.



Szekszárd, hungary


Balassa János Hospital 


A project in support of the Tolna County „Balassa János” Hospital was initiated by Rotary Club Szekszárd and joined by Rotary Club Budapest-City.

Having completed fundraising a total of 3 Rotary Districts and 15 Rotary Clubs from 12 Rotary Districts and 9 countries have come together in support of this project which – inclusive of a grant from Rotary International – has a project value of USD 113,092. (The market value will be about 600,000 USD).

This amount will be used to purchase and install much needed equipment in the Maternity/Obstetrics Department as well as to install a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the hospital.

Equipment comprises Ultrasound, Patient Monitors of different kinds, Ventilator, Defibrilator, Re-Animation equipment, Surgery Table etc.

This equipment will enable medical staff at the hospital to improve health care for some 1.200 expecting mothers per year, improve neonatal care and will provide intensive care facilities for some 500 patients a year of the age 0,5 – 18 years.

Cluj-napoca, romania

Pediatric Children's Hospital


The population served by the hospital is over 700,000 people.

The project was sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of: Cetatuie- D2241; Piatra Neamt- D2241, Oklahoma City #29 - D5750; Bricktown- D5750; University District of Seattle - D5030; München Englischer Garten- D1842; Budapest-City- D1911; Stockholm Brommaplan- D2350; D5030 Washington.

The Hospital is one of the leading such hospitals in Romania. This project has enabled opening a new department of Pediatric Medical Intensive care in The Hospital. The Hospital is now recognized as one of the top-three Romanian pediatric hospitals in this field. Because of this, the Hospital is receiving more and more patients even from other hospitals located at over 300 miles from Cluj.

The hospital received 6 vital signs monitors, 1 central station, 1 Philips Envisor Ultrasound System, 1 EKG machine, 4 defibrillators, 1 stand alone vital signs monitor along with accessories and installation apparatus for all equipment.

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Skopje, Macedonia

University Children’s Hospital


The hospital is a referral and teaching hospital for the over 2 million people of Macedonia and serves 18,000 patients annually. It is the only hospital of its kind in Macedonia.

The project was sponsored by RC Skopje - ND 0054; RC Oklahoma City #29 - D5750; RC Budapest-City - D1911;ND 0054 Macedonia; D5750 Oklahoma; RC Beograd Skadarlija - D2483; and the Association of the Rotary Clubs in Macedonia.

The hospital received 4 Dash 2500 Patient Monitors, 1 Philips Envisor Ultrasound System, 2 infusion pumps, along with accessories and installation apparatus for all equipment.

razlog, bulgaria


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Multifunctional Hospital for Active Healthcare


The population served by the hospital is over 57,000 people. 26,000 live in difficult to access village regions. The hospital serves four communities in the mountain region of Bulgaria. The mission of the hospital is to provide quality healthcare in order to improve the quality of life for its patients.

The project was sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of: Bansko-Razlog- D2482; Oklahoma City #29 - D5750; Centennial - D5750; Frontier - D5750; Perry - D5750; Stillwater - D5750; Budapest-City- D1911; Timisoara- D2241; Cetatuie - D2241; Thassos - 2484; Skopje - D0054; Denver Mile High- 5450; D2482 Bulgaria; D5450 Colorado.

The hospital received 6 vital signs monitors, 1 central station, 4 standalone monitors, 2 infant incubators, 2 infant warmers, 2 fetal/maternal monitors, 1 delivery table, 2 bilirubin lights, along 
with accessories and installation apparatus for all equipment.

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Üveges Péter Exchange Student Project


This year - the first time in our Club's history - we selected a talented student from Bolyai orphanage to be the beneficiary of our Youth Exchange Program and spend a year in Mexico. In previous years the families of our exchange students paid the travel, insurance and other costs for their children, a sum, estimated to be over 5200 USD.  For our orphan student, Peter Aron Uveges, the 19 members succeded to collect the needed amount of money, to find the host families and now Peter is in Mexico.

Budapest, Hungary

Bolyai Orphanage


Our Club has been supporting Orphanage Bolyai for over one and a half decades where 
60 orphaned or abandoned children are being raised between ages 1 to 24. The orphanage guides these /children thorough adulthood or to the completion of their formal schooling. The Orphanage takes pride of its numerous college educated graduates.

This year we donated 12 computers and 4 laptops to the two buildings that houses 30 students each, complete with programs, monitors and printers. child aged 5 or older received a pen drive to provide them with a private computer memory. children of our Club members who are highschool students will educate the Orphanage on the use of the computers.

On the night of Xmas celebration each child received a personal gift package of his/her choice as the director of the Orphanage suggested. Our Club had the upright piano refurbished and tuned. It was immediately put in use as we organized a mini concert for the evening which was completed by a buffet dinner and a large selection of home made desserts.


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Timișoara, Romania


University Cardiology Hospital “Ascar”


The Hospital  received an Untrasound Machine, an EKG Machine, a Defibrilator, 9 Monitors with a Central Station and various accessories and small equipments

Childrens’ Hospital “Victor Babes” Burn Department

The Burn Department received two Hydrotherapy Tanks, 6 Low Air Loss Beds, 12 Monitors, 2 Suction Pumps and some special equipment

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Cluj Cardiologic Hospital


Renewing Intensive Care Unit with Ultrasound, Monitors, EKG Machine






Illiteracy Project favouring females in Eastern Turkey




420 Pcs. Alarm Devices to fight Sudden Infant Death – covering 60% of total need in Romania






300 Pcs. Alarm Devices to fight Sudden Infant Death – covering the total need in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary


Szt. Ferenc Hospital


2 Mobile X-Ray Machines



budapest, hungary


Szt. István Hospital, Burn Department


Ultrasound, Monitors,  Anesthesia Machines, Ventilator, Pulse Oximeter, Electronic Stetoscopes, Defibrilator, Floating Mattress



University Children’s Hospital


Intensive Care Unit – Monitors, Ultrasound, Infant Warmers, Giraffe Incubator,     Electronic Stetoscopes, Bassinettes, Defibrilator,  Pulse Oximeters etc.



cluj-napoca, romania


renewal of intensive care unit, children’s hospital


20 Monitors w/2 central stations, Defibrilators, Infant Incubators, Infant Warmer, Infant Bassinets, Ultrasound  etc.

budapest, hungary


autisme foundation


In-House print station, furnitures, passenger car, toys.



zenta, serbia


Renewal of Cardiology Department, Regional Hospital


Ultrasounds, telemetry w/central station, monitors with central station, ventilators, anesthesia machines, electronic stethoscopes, infusion pumps etc.